Spanish House Secrets by Susan Gray

  Captivating, Gripping, Heart-Breaking Genres: Historic/Contemporary Fiction, Family Drama, Romance Spanish House Secrets by Susan Gray Author Grace’s family moved to Loftham in 1955, moving into a property that was known locally as ‘The Spanish House’. It had been built by a Gentleman whose family had owned a series of shops on the High Street and he had resided at the Spanish house for many years. However, after a considerable amount of his time living this idyllic lifestyle, which, in part had been spent abroad, tragedy had struck and eventually he had left England to lead his ‘other life,’ permanently. Grace still possesses the sweet smelling music box that she had found under the floorboards as a child, and often wondered what significance it held and how it came to be there. She also recalled the man standing across the road from her when, at around nine years of age, she had run outside the front of the house to call for her dog. Could he have been the original owner? He loo

A Mind Beyond Words by Jez Kerzen

  Insightful, Fascinating, Thought Provoking Genre: Autobiographical/Spiritual A Mind Beyond Words by Jes Kerzen I’ve had ‘A Mind Beyond Words’ on my ‘to be read’ pile many more months than I should have really, purely because I was worried about it being too complex for me and not understanding parts of it and looking a bit daft. However, having made five pages of notes of things in the book that I wanted to recall, both for this review and on a personal level, and also discuss with others, (I have talked about this book with my partner quite a bit) I’m now irritated that I didn’t have the confidence to read it sooner. However, I’m still not entirely confident that I have the ability to write a competent review…. I found Asher’s ‘knowledge’ of what happens before we are born; that the course of our lives are pre-determined, and that the people who play a part in our existence are also pre-established within energy, rather than a place, interesting because, coincidentally, this is a